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OK, I decided to start this thread with the idea to show that you can be an MG top player too. This will not happen right after you read this but ... you can try - it just takes a little practice. After seeing so many people join the MG servers and forums it's worth to have a one-stop shop for beginners (and not only them). Mind you, though, that your first stop should be the :arrow: FAQ, of course . I am in full awareness that I alone can't exhaust all possible effective strategies but I will focus on a few important aspects of the game. I also hope that your questions/ comments/ ideas will help me fill the gaps - this thread is meant to be edited in time. So here we go:

========== MANHUNTS ========== I don't know whoever had this "brilliant" idea of playing a game by just clicking and waiting for a good result to happen in order to gain experience --> level up(without putting any actual thought into clicking the manhunt button) but he/ she was surely a bored and lazy office worker who wanted to kill office hours ... Anyway, I have discovered that you may just try some tactics even here: 1. Do your manhunts in 6x10 min or 12x10 min portions - the only reason I should choose a larger than 10 minutes would be if I didn't have enough time to cover all my MH time right before server reset 2. Some players claim that when you start doing manhunts you should stop doing them once you start getting small villages and try again after 30 min or so. I've tried that with non-conclusive results but I noticed that I have better luck when I do MH on even number of the hour (this may differ depending on where you are or what server you play on). 3. Yes they are random and this is the feeling you'll get whatever you try but .... manhunts are created by a machine and even though randomness is the main factor here I should say all machines work in cycles and quite a few players use this fact to their advantage: - imagine the cycle consists of a 5-second period giving (depending on your level) 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 xp points. What can be done is experiment with a clock on your pc (I have an analog one on top right of my screen) and click the MH button on exactly one of these five seconds and see what the result is. Once you get a 10 xp result you should continue clicking the button on exactly the same second. When luck changes (often happens after 5-6 successful manhunts) try clicking on a different second.

Number of EXP gained from manhunts:

Up to 100 liters / pounds - 2 exp

100.01 up to 140 liters / pounds - 4 exp

140.01 up to 180 liters / pounds - 6 exp

180.01 up to 220 liters / pounds - 8 exp

220.01 or more liters / pounds - 10 exp

Another theory similar to the above mentioned is that the click should happen after your MH time has finished:

Click on the "refresh" link of "raid" button once the manhunt time expired. This is when you connect to the server and ask for the result. The starting time of manhunt is meaningless. It seems a bit strange to me since it is when you click "refresh" after the manhunt that server "choses" the outcome. When you click to start the manhunt you are just telling the server that you'll be busy for the next xxx minutes. I am not sure whether it has any influence on the outcome of the results unless you click on the same second when the counter reaches 0 and turns into "refresh" link (and then we come again to the server lag / connection speed dependency or even the case when the "raid" page appears as if you didn't start the manhunt yet).

============= GETTING GOLD ============= This is probably one of the two most important aspects of the game since it provides you with the opportunity to have enough money to upgrade your stats and equipment so that you have more victories and even more gold. Unofficially the highscore sorted by gold looted from battles is the one criteria that can give you an idea of how strong you are in MG world, and the comparison may be carried even in terms of comparing characters from different servers. So how do you get it? 1. Joining a clan could be really helpful. Clans usually have forums and if it's a good clan they would update their list of gold leaking targets often enough so that it stays fresh and yield good gold hits 70-80 % of the time. It works really simple - you hit someone, they give you 100 gold + and you post their name on clan forum. The player you hit will have to gather that sum of money again and if your clanmates hit the target again they will have to gain the money again and again keeping the target poor and you and your clanmates rich . 2. Later on, when you have a bit higher level of character you may try to make your hits more effective by using the method so nicely described by Vision. It does require a very good coordiantion by clanmates but gives excellent results. The point is that at a later stage in the game you should be aiming at averaging 100 gold per hit or more so that you stay ahead of the other players. 3. This one requires a bit of practice but results are amazing. It's called player watching and has many variations but the essence is the same. - you choose a protion of the highscore that matches your ability ( you don't want to attack players that will hit you hard or even worse win against you). I find this very helpful if you are not a very high level. -open a notepad and copy the highscore portion there -wait 10-15 min (but no more) and open another notepad -refresh the highscore list and copy it to the new notepad window you have just opened -now put the two notepads next to each other and compare them - if a player has moved up then he/she has manhunted --> attack them. If they haven't safetied you get lots of gold . -after 2-3 successful hits you should repeat the above steps but this time just copy the highscore from your second notepad window to the first (you need to delete everything form here before doing that) and refresh the highscore again copying it to the second notepad window (again you should remove everything before you do so)

=========== ANCESTORS ===========

My Top 10 Tips for Ancestor Battles some of these tips have already been stated: 1.potion up to at least 1000 health points. you certainly don't want to lose because an ancestor knocked you down to 1.

2. always use a +9 potion if you have the gold and can do two battles, wrap them around the server reset (so your +9 will get you two battles) 3.No longer applicable.

4. the same applies for armor... if you're going to trade up... go in naked!

5. if you have killer stats and just hit 20th level... do *as many ancestor battles as you can on 20th and 21st levels*. why? because the higher you go the harder it will be to win... plus, you'll be at a decided advantage for quite a while against your opponents. I won 12/12 on Server 5 this way.

6. repeat step 5 at level 40, 60, 80 as you add other skills.

7. don't add more than 12 attributes to a specific stat when you're level 20-39... you'll want to keep the cost down when you add your second attribute.

8. pick Agility as your first attribute... you want to *hit* opponents. I'd say it's somewhat of a toss-up between Strength/Stamina for your second attribute, although many are pointing to Stamina now as increasingly important. Pick Defense as your last attribute since Armor can increase your Defense. This is a reason to also pick Stamina for your second since your weapon will increase your hitpoints and damage (which makes adding to Strength less important).

9. Fight a Prince... no one else... refresh as necessary until you get one. The Elders, Conquerers, Rulers, etc. are tougher to beat (this is from an ally's suggestion, personal and clanmate reported experience). 10. After you've won your battle and upped your stats, use the remaining +9 to hit those above you who have been p**sing you off recently! Hehe... just a suggestion!

My thoughts: a) make sure your stats are double your level b) Princes are usually more generous to you and c) do 12-15 successful battles at lvl 20, then same number at 40 etc and NOT more because you want to balance your real stats and ancestor fights.

Very useful tip by Losander:

"Drink +9 at 23:45 fight the ancestor and then do another fight at 00:15 in this way you have 2 fights on one bottle, 1000 gold saved :)"

====================== Attributes (Very Important) ======================


There are several attributes a player can increase on their character in MonstersGame. The first four are considered the "main" stats, and affect the outcome of battles. A new player starts out with their main attributes at 5 points. The cost of upgrading an attribute is equal to the square of the current level minus 5.

  • A player's Strength determines how much damage they do, if they hit their opponent during combat.

  • A player's Defense determines how likely they are to block or evade attacks during combat.

  • A player's Agility determines how likely they are to hit their opponent during combat.

  • A player's Stamina determines how much damage they avoid or mitigate when hit during combat.

  • A player's Dexterity helps them search for enemies to attack. It also helps reduce any defensive bonus an enemy receives from his/her hideout during combat.

  • A player's Health determines how much damage they can sustain in combat. A player whose health falls below 10 during combat loses. If a player's health is below 25, they are restricted from performing certain actions, such as Raiding or Manhunting, until they raise their health. A player can raise their health by using Health Potions purchased from the store, or simply by waiting. Health automatically heals 10 points per hour. Health will increase its maximum value every time a player gains a new level. A player can also purchase Upgrade Potions to increase their maximum health.

Stats by most important to less:

1. Agility

2. Stamina

3. Strength

4. Defense

5. Dexterity - Do not upgrade so much - it's a waste of time.

================== Items (Very Important) ==================

Want to be smart, strong and to save money?!? buy only these Weapons and Armors




Health Upgrade Potion

A player can purchase and use potions to affect various attributes. Many players use potions to temporarily store gold they cannot yet spend on attributes or "bank" in their sentinel.

  • Health Potions restore a player's health bar, in various increments up to its maximum value.

  • Stat Potions increase a player's attributes by a certain amount for one hour.

  • A Health Upgrade Potion will increase a player's maximum health value by 10 points. Health Upgrade Potion


A player can purchase rings to give them an edge in MonstersGame. There are 3 main types of rings.

  • Stat Rings - These rings will boost a player's attributes in combat. The two best unique stat rings a player owns will be automatically worn into combat. The rings are considered unique even if they are different levels of the same type of ring (e.g. level 1 and level 2 Rings of Defense are unique). Two identical rings provide no benefit

  • Battle/Gold Rings - These rings will help a player steal more gold during a Raid. Only the best ring of this type owned will be counted.

  • Manhunt Rings - Similar to a Battle/Gold Ring, a manhunt ring will provide an additional bonus to Manhunting results. Only the best ring of this type owned by a player will be counted.

======== Sentinels ========

In MonstersGame, its every Vampire or Werewolf for himself/herself. A player can, however, have a companion, called a sentinel to assist them in battles. It will follow a player into attacks, as well as help them when they are attacked. Once a player reaches level 5, they can purchase the first sentinel, a Hound. As a player increases in level, they will qualify for different level sentinels. How the sentinel helps a player in combat is a closely guarded secret, and the source of much debate, however the following has been confirmed:

The Attributes of your Sentinel are added to your own whenever you fight an enemy, in the same manner that weapons or armour can boost your Attributes. However, the bonus from your Sentinel is shown in a separate section of the Battle Report, whereas weapon or armour bonuses are added directly to your Attributes.

Sentinels are also used as "banks" by players to protect their gold from attack. A sentinel may be sold back to the store for its original purchase price, unlike other items (potions, armor, weapons and rings) which sell back for 50% of their original value. In this way players may save gold by trading in for higher and higher level sentinels (as their own player level allows). This is a particularly useful strategy for saving up for a high level weapon or piece of armor. Sentinels are the only way to safely hoard gold in MonstersGame.

======= Hideout =======

The hideout is where a player resides when he or she is not doing anything else in game. If a player is between actions, they are resting in their hideout. The hideout adds a protection bonus that varies with the level of the hideout components. The protection can add a defense bonus when attacked, as well as make it more difficult to be found during a raid search. The items available for upgrade are:

  • Surroundings (0-7)

  • Path (0-10)

  • Wall (0-12)

  • Building (0-23)

Fully Upgraded Hideout

Fully Upgraded Hideout

============ Ancestral Site ============

Once your character has reached level 20, you can challenge your ancestors in the ancestral site. If you succeed in defeating the ancestor, you will be able to learn a special ability or further train an existing special ability. Each race has 4 special abilities to choose from. Once you reach level 20 you can learn one special ability, after level 40 you can learn an additional ability and upon reaching level 60 you can again choose a new ability. Level 80 characters can learn all 4 abilities. Ancestors can only be challenged once every 24 hours. Your ancestor will demand a fee for each challenge and the fee increases with each successful challenge. The special abilities affect the results of your battles but only when both combatants are level 20 or above.

These are the four special abilities available to vampires:

These are the four special abilities available to werewolves:


If the player choose to become a premium user at MonstersGame provides the player gets benefits in the game.

  • 60 more minutes for manhunting (e.i. 120 minutes instead of 60)

  • exclusive weapons and sentinels

  • shortened waiting time after attacking someone of the opposite race from 15 minutes to 5 minutes

  • no advertisements in the game

Since premium users have 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes, those players will advance faster than non-premium users (taken for granted that they are active players).

There are various options on how to make the payment if the player wants to become a premium user, such as payment via credit card, sms, DaoPay etc. After a major game update in 2008, the price for becoming a premium user raised (due to new options and more equipment in the game).

===== Clans =====

Clans are a group of players of the same race (Vampire or Werewolf) who play together as a team. Although the game has no set rules for clan wars, they are often played between enemy clans to increase enjoyment of the game. While in a clan the player can donate their gold to clans domicile which in turn allows more members to join the clan. Most MonstersGame players join a clan to try and become the best, often on worlds certain clans will eventually become the leaders of that world.

Vampires and Werewolves can form clans in MonstersGame (naturally only monsters of the same race can join the same clan!). By using the "Clan" link, you can either search for clans seeking members or, once you have reached level 3, you can create your own clan! Once you have joined or created a clan, you will see new menu items when you click on the "Clan" link. Over these new links (as a clan admin) you can accept new members, give members certain clan authorisations or dismiss members from the clan. You can also expand the clan domicile; each level added to the clan domicile increases the number of members the clan can hold by 5 members. To improve the domicile, you need donations of gold from the various clan members. Admin rights In your clan you can now assign various rights to each member to make the clan administration more flexible. You can see the different types of admin rights available on the administration rights page. Be sure to carefully consider the consequences before granting full admin rights or the right to kick clan members! Clan wars The flames of war burn especially bright whenever powerful clans of the opposing races meet one another on the battlefield. Each clan with 5 or more members can declare war on any other clan of the enemy race. The defending clan must not fulfill any membership quota to be eligible for participation in clan wars. Defending clans cannot decline the first war declared by a certain clan, and aggressor clans cannot refuse the first war declared upon them as an act of vengeance by clans they have attacked. Cowardly actions such as leaving or being removed from a clan after a declaration of war will offer you no protection – if a war is declared, a snapshot of all members of both clans is made and used to determine the outcome of the war. Thus, do not be surprised when an opponent who is not listed as being a member of any clan attacks you and the attack is counted in a clan war; the player was clearly a member of the opposing clan as the war was declared! During clan wars the normal one hour protection from attacks after a battle applies, but the 12 hour cool-down for attacks on the same player is extended to 4 attacks within 12 hours. You can freely decide when to make the attacks. For example, you can attack the same war opponent at 6, 7, 8 and 9 PM and then again at 6 AM on the following day, assuming that the player is not protected at those times due to other battles.Although the elders frown upon the practice, you can offer an enemy clan a peace treaty if you wish to end a clan war. If your clan offers a peace treaty, all members of the opposing who can decide whether or not to accept the treaty (i.e. war admins and full admins) will receive a PM notifying them about the peace treaty offer. They may accept the peace treaty but can also reject it, it is their decision! If the peace treaty is accepted, any attacks between members of the clans involved in the treaty will not count towards the war results, as though the war had never taken place. If a peace treaty has been accepted and is active, all members of both clans will be informed about the treaty. For various reasons it may be desirable to ask the opponent to agree to a ceasefire during a war - both the aggressor and the defender may suggest a ceasefire. If a ceasefire is active and you encounter a member of the opposing clan while searching for opponents, you will be shown a notice stating that a ceasefire between your clans is currently in force. If you attack an opponent in spite of a ceasefire (which is possible, since ceasefires are NOT enforced by any mechanism in the game!), the ceasefire will be broken and the war will continue normally. You should therefore carefully consider which clans can safely be offered a ceasefire, as they can end the agreement at any time of their choosing. All members of both clans will be informed in-game via system PM if a ceasefire has been agreed upon or violated. In some cases one of the clans may be hopelessly outclassed by the opponent or may simply wish not to participate in clan wars. In this case the only alternative is capitulation. If your clan finds itself in this situation, you can end any war instantly and without interference by the enemy clan. Capitulation comes at a cost; the capitulating clan loses all victories and points gained during the war, while the the enemy clan is able to keep any gains it may have made. Capitulation is instantaneous and all players in both clans will receive a PM informing them of the capitulation and which clan member capitulated. Premium players receive a bonus feature in the detail section of the clan war overview containing detailed information about the performance of the clan's members during the war. The following information is available for each clan member: Name - the player's name Points – the total points gained by the player (equal to the number of victories during the war) Battles – the total number of offensive and defensive battles during the war Attacks - the total number of attacks made by the player during the war Damage – the total damage the player inflicted upon enemies during the war Gold - the total amount of gold the player the player has looted from opponents during the war If the total number of battles is much higher than the number of attacks, this implies that the player is passive and is often being attacked by the enemy. If the number of points gained is significantly lower than the number of attacks, then the player is losing many offensive battles. The detailed war statistics provide clan leaders with a powerful tool for judging the performance of their members

Full upgraded Clan Castle

======================= Game Information & History =======================

MonstersGame is a web game from the German company Redmoon Studios , where you can play for vampires or werewolves. The two races between them lead a seemingly endless war because according to the statement authors, none of the many sites will not be closed until on it will be active even a single account. The game is largely based on a random factor, therefore, it is for the sons / daughters of fortune as created. First game occurs in Germany . Server is already tested June 13, 2005, but the first player in the game is admitted until 18 June 2005. English premier server was put into operation 21 February 2006. Czech version of the game was launched June 8, 2007.

Created by Lord Phantom - VSS Leader

Credits to:

http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/MonstersGame https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monstersgame

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